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If you detect any unusual odors, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Shut off your power supply and call our professional electrical experts right away to avoid potential hazards associated with a damaged receptacle.

GFCI outlets are an essential safety measure in any electrical system. Designed to detect and interrupt the flow of electricity when it detects imbalanced current, GFCIs provide added protection from electric shock – particularly important for areas exposed to moisture or near countertops. By installing these outlets, you can rest assured your home has enhanced security against dangerous power fluctuations or surges.

An appliance needs an efficient path for electrical current to travel and be safely returned when it’s not in use. With a grounded wire, electricity can take the safest route back to its origin—your service panel—preventing any potential problems that could arise from a short circuit.

Low-voltage fixtures are a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing illumination, but the installation may pose some challenges. Compared to standard voltage lighting options, these require additional costs for transforming voltages and must be mounted in a safe location due to their potential heat production.

Ceiling fans are not like your average light fixture; they require specialty mounting boxes engineered to support their heavier load. For fans up to 35 pounds, saddle box designs can provide the strength and stability necessary for safe installation.

LED lights offer more than just an up-front cost savings – they’re also designed to last five times longer and have a lower annual operating cost. Perfect for eco-friendly households, LED lighting is an investment that can benefit the environment while providing long term monetary gains.

In an electrical circuit, a fuse is designed to protect the components from overheating and should be replaced when it blows. A circuit breaker does this too but instead of needing to get changed out like a fuse would require, all you have to do with a busted breaker is reset its trip handle right on the face – restoring power in no time!

Safeguarding your home from power surges is the best way to secure all of your electronics and appliances. Investing in a whole-home surge protector offers peace of mind that each bit of equipment will be safe, allowing you to take full advantage of modern conveniences without worry!

Avoid any potential house hazards by making sure that too many appliances are not plugged into one circuit. If there is a single appliance, unplug it and either switch out or call in our experienced electrical service technicians for assistance with repair – alternatively, try connecting another device to the potentially troublesome receptacle. However, if you still notice issues after this attempt has been made then enlist us as soon as possible so we can assess both the receptacle and circuit correctly!

For optimal safety, plugs should be three-pronged. In addition to two power prongs that provide the electrical connection essential for device operation, a third grounding prong acts as an extra layer of protection against potential electric shock and helps secure your entire system’s integrity.

Are your lights flickering? It could be a simple reason like an old light bulb, but it’s also worth looking into potential risks that may exist. CEC experts are here to tell you the possible causes of this problem and how electricians can help make things brighter again.

Every year, thousands of individuals suffer from accidents caused by faulty electrical outlets—but you can prevent this tragedy in your home. Custom Electric Contractor has uncovered key warning signs that signal an issue with the outlet receptacles: stay alert and take action to protect your family today!

Not all DIY projects can be tackled safely. Electrical issues require the professional touch of an electrician to ensure it’s properly and responsibly handled – even if a handyman can spot the problem right away! Licensing may seem like just another formality, but those years of training and certification have prepared these experts for jobs that could potentially save lives.

Don’t let a hot switch be your warning sign! Your walls may conceal serious electrical issues waiting to spark catastrophe. Get help right away before an unexpected fire engulfs your home in danger and destruction.

As the seasons change and temperatures rise or drop, Custom Electric Contractor is on standby for increased power outages. Trying to guess which switch in your circuit breaker box affects each appliance may seem like a good idea at first – but flipping switches without knowing what they do can cause more problems than it solves! Make one call to experts instead of many trips back-and-forth from the breaker panel; stay safe, cool (or warm), and have peace of mind with our help.

To ensure reliable electrical power for your home, evaluate the total square footage of livable space and take an inventory of all relevant needs such as heating systems, air conditioning units and appliances. Once you have gathered this information, get in touch with a certified electrician to determine the amperage requirements necessary to safely supply electricity to every room.


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